BOO! Parade and Carnival

Southern California’s largest Halloween parade and carnival is produced by the B.I.D (Business Improvement District) in San Diego, CA. The B.I.D hired Northway to brand the BOO! Parade and Carnival with a new logo and 4 iconic characters for a print advertising campaign. Conceptualization, sketches and storyboarding at B.I.D. board meetings began the process and once the 13-panel board approved a design the designs were produced and ready for layout and print. The B.I.D was given rights to the artwork and will be using the branded designs for years to come.  F.Y.I. Client may make alterations to the designs. The BOO! Parade and Carnival web site is not a product of Northway.
Logo, 4 Characters, 5 Street Poll Banners, Store Front Posters, Fliers, Business  Cards, Sponsor Packets, Brochures, Parade Section Banners, Hats and T-Shirts
Street Poll Banners, Store Front Posters, Storefront Banners, Fliers, Business Cards, Sponsor Packets, Brochures and Displays